About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Joey – An IT Professional with over 17yrs of experience in the corporate enterprise space, within the Washington, DC metro region. I’m currently working as a senior systems engineer. I am entirely self-taught and driven by my passion for computers and technology, leveraging a variety of IT skillsets acquired throughout my years in enterprise IT and prior.  My current role comprises of a wide range of responsibilities, from Executive Support, Enterprise Apple Device Management, Centralized Print Management, and Video Telepresence Systems.

Outside of my corporate role – My passion for all things tech doesn’t stop there!  I’m constantly following the latest industry Tech Trends & News, from the Consumer Electronics space, Enterprise IT Tech, Cyber-Security, Apple, and the Wireless Cellular Industry.  I’m an Apple enthusiast at heart, following the latest from Apple and the mac admin community.  On the cellular wireless side, I follow the latest carrier advances in cellular network technologies and performing cellular network testing in my spare time. Other interests include, photography and content creation.

What I do…

Enterprise IT Support

I work for a Fortune-500 company providing IT Support for the executive team, Enterprise Apple Device Management, Centralized Print Management Solutions, Video Telepresence Systems, etc.

IT Consulting Services

High-quality personalized IT Support for your life or small business needs. From Mobile Devices, Networks, Wi-Fi, Computers, etc! I’ve got you covered! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions if interested!

Photography / Content Creator

Stunning photos that make you say wow! Starting to dabble with YouTube content creation.